Is there a minimum quantity order for the wipes?

Yes, The minimum order quantity depends on the type of packaging used. For canisters and flowpacks the MOQ is 10,000 units. For sachets the MOQ is 50,000 units.

What type of packaging do you offer?

For rolled wipes we have canisters in various size, buckets and refill bags. We have individually packed wipes ( sachets) which can be packaged inside display boxes or zipped bags and flowpacks in various sizes.

Can you develop for me a new product with a new formulation?

Of course! While we have dozen of proven tested formulations that we have developed over the years, we also tailor make products according to customer’s specific requirements.

I want to create my own brand of wipes. How do I start?

Click on “Start your Project” and we will walk you through various points to consider while planning your wipes. (you do not need to know all the answers now…) or you can simply contact us.

Do you arrange shipment to other countries?

Yes, if requested we can arrange the shipment from our warehouse to you. We are experienced in shipping to all continents, and we can take the entire logistics headache off your shoulders.

Are the wipes flushable?

We can provide you with a fabric that can be flushed down the toilet and is biodegradeable.

Do you work with recyclable packaging materials?

Yes, we work with recyclable packaging materials.

Are the wipes biodegradable?

Some of the wipes are made from a blend of fibers from natural sources and synthetic fibers. Some of the wipes are 100% natural and are biodegradable. You can choose the type of fabric that will be used for your wipes.

Do you have products that have been tested for sensitivity?

We have products that have been tested dermatologically, optomologically and gynecologically.