Wet wipes, made fron non-woven fabrics, are found in many industries and are growing in number each year. Here is a brief summary about the characteristics of the non-woven fabrics used in manufacture of wet wipes.There are several techniques to bond together fibers in a non-woven fabric. The bonding can be done using heat (creating...
12 . 12 . 2021
What is causing the increased costs of international shippping
The covid Pandemic brought with is a disruption of the global supply chain and a a tremendous momentum to the maritime transportindustry. A shutdown in many airlines limited the ability to transport goods via air, combined with the rise of online commerce caused the maritime transport industry to experienceparticularly high demand. In Dec 2020 about...
08 . 04 . 2021
New travel size wipes
Today more than ever, people are happy to carry around with them small hygienic products where ever they go. Our travel size wipes wipes , come in small packs containing 5, 10, 12 and 15 wipes and can satisfy most needs. The possibilities are endless: baby wipes, make up removing wipes, cleaning wipes, intimate wipes...
06 . 04 . 2021
Come meet us at Salon International in London
If you are interested in having your own private label hair color stain removing wipes come and meet us at Salon International in London on Oct 5-7! write to marketing@drwipe.com to set up a meeting.
09 . 09 . 2019
The box that changed the world
Published on Alaxon – digital magazine for thoughts, articles of notes and new ideas If you are sitting on a Swedish chair, wearing shoes made in Thailand and work on a computer made in China, you have a big elongated steel box with two large doors to thank. These are some of the inventions that...
16 . 08 . 2018
Come meet us in Cosmoprof Hong Kong
We will be exhibiting in Cosmoprof Hong Kong and launching new and exciting products. Don’t miss it! Come visit us at booth L5G
25 . 10 . 2017
Male Cosmetic Products On The Rise!
Seeking to Expand in the Health and Beauty Care Market? Don’t Overlook the Mampering Trend. What are men looking for from the beauty industry? And what the heck is mampering? Male partner, “Honey, where’s my stubble softener face wash?” Female partner, “In the cabinet, next to your exfoliating powder.” Male partner, “Ah, found it. By...
16 . 01 . 2017
Come Visit us at Cosme Tokyo
Come visit us at Japan’s largest cosmetic show When: January 23 – 25 (10:00 – 18:00) Where: Tokyo big Sight
05 . 01 . 2017
Come meet Dr. Wipe at Cosme Tokyo
Come visit us at Japan’s largest cosmetic show When: January 20 – 22 (10:00 – 18:00) Where: Tokyo big Sight Ktorý zvlhčuje trubicu tesne pred ejakuláciou, zaručujú tak zväčšenie penisu, tejto webovej stránke to znamená, že ak sú muži frustrovaní svojou neschopnosťou erekcie. Sildenafil má aj svoje nevýhody ktoré sú spoločné pre všetky lieky na...
01 . 12 . 2016
Promote your business
We have got some ideas for you how to promote your business… Giveaway sachets or small softpacks with your brand on them at promotional events . refreshing sachets or hand cleaning.. eye glasses wipes.. show cleaning.. dashboard shining..
30 . 05 . 2016